How to Perform Umrah


Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca that can be undertaken at any time of the year, unlike Hajj which has specific dates. Performing Umrah is not compulsory but it is highly recommended in Islam. Umrah brings great spiritual and religious rewards for those who perform it correctly and with sincerity. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to perform Umrah for those wishing to fulfill this ritual.

Before Traveling for Umrah

  • Decide on the best time of year to perform Umrah based on your schedule and crowds. The holy months of Ramadan and Dhu al-Hijjah are peak seasons.
  • Make travel and accommodation arrangements well in advance. Confirm visa requirements and book flights and hotel reservations early.
  • Learn about the rituals, requirements, and etiquette of Umrah. Read guidebooks, take classes at your local mosque, or watch online tutorials
  • Prepare physically and spiritually. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, and perform voluntary prayers and recitations of the Quran. Make sincere intention (niyyah) to perform Umrah solely for the sake of Allah.

Upon Arrival in Mecca

  • Enter state of Ihram (ritual purity) by taking a shower, wearing Ihram clothing, and making niyyah for Umrah. Recite Talbiyah dua.
  • Perform first Tawaf (circumambulation) around the Holy Kaaba 7 times in an anti-clockwise direction. Say dua and touch Black Stone if possible
  • Perform Sa’ey by walking briskly between the hills of Safa and Marwah 7 times to re-enact Hajar’s search for water
  • Drink Zamzam water to one’s fill to gain blessings.
  • Shorten/shave hair to partially or completely exit Ihram. Women trim a small part of their hair.

Traveling to Medina

  • Visit Prophet’s Mosque to pray at Rawdah Sharif and see Prophet Muhammad’s tomb.
  • Pray at Riyadh-ul-Jannah, the special garden area in Prophet’s Mosque promised as Paradise for those who pray there.
  • Perform voluntary prayers and make dua in Medina.

Returning to Mecca

  • Perform final Tawaf of Kaaba 7 times and Sa’ey if desired. This is Farewell Tawaf.
  • Make dua at Multazam, the area between Black Stone and Kaaba door.


Umrah is a blessed journey that requires following prescribed rituals. Having the correct intention and abiding by the Sunnah leads to immense spiritual rewards. Resources are available for further learning on how to properly perform Umrah. It is an opportunity for Muslims to renew their faith and come closer to Allah.

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